Meanwhile, at about twenty three minutes past seven o’clock in the evening at the Rikichu Kaigan National Park in the Tohoku region of Honshu in northern Japan, the cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean mildly brushed the ‘Rosa rugosa’ shrubs that grew about a kilometer away from the Sanriku coastline. The Rosa rugosa was a type of rose flower that was usually found in Eastern Asia and known for its unmatchable pleasant scent, it was this pleasant scent that attracted two Japanese serows that were also enjoying the cool evening breeze not so far away to walk over and get a sniff; if possible, a taste. Hajime Ono had gone with his friends, Kenta Kazama and Rokuro Orochi to the coastline areas to pick up some Rosa rugosas to use for the special pot-pourri that had a combination which was exclusive to the three men and was the toast of the small community in Tohoku where they resided. Kenta who was the first to see the ‘Kamoshikas’(as the serows were called in Japan) sniffing on and probably about to destroy the rare shrubs that had made him and his friends a lot of money lately, broke into a run towards the serows, yelling curses at them as he did; the two other men followed suit. The Kamoshikas were already over a hundred meters away from the flowers when the trio got there and without wasting any time, set to picking shrubs to take home as it was really dark as the sun had almost entirely set. Rokuro stared into the waters as the others picked up more flowers at a flash of light in a distance, further observation told him that the lights were from a vessel that probably belonged to either one of the upper class Japanese citizens or a rich foreign tourist.

‘The Empress Ino’ was a 125.35 meter long motor yacht that was custom built in 2001 with a steel hull, an aluminum superstructure, a draft of about 5 meters and a beam measuring 23 meters. It could accommodate up to 35 guests with about 90 crew members and was capable of hitting 21 knots, with a cruise speed of 16 knots and possessed fuel tanks that would need 820,000 liters of fuel to be filled. She belonged to Dai Katashi, the CEO and founder of Dai-Ka Entertainment which specialized in making video games, slot machines and arcade cabinets. Ranked 112 on the Forbes list for the world’s richest men, Dai wasn’t afraid of spending his money and two days prior to this time, he had invited two of his friends to spend three days with him on his yacht for a series of parties which involved a lot of loud music, drinking and women too. Of the about three hundred Black-tailed Gulls that were preparing for their night’s rest on their latest spot which happened to be the top of The Empress Ino, only one noticed the large moving ripple on the waters to the East of the boat that seemed to be caused by something unseen. The bird’s little brain couldn’t comprehend what it saw and so it looked away without any further thoughts spared; if it had the ability to see Spirit beings though, it would have seen Focalor gliding slowly on the water by the side of the yacht.

With the appearance of a man clad in a cloak made of sea weed and wings like that of a Griffin protruding from his back, Focalor a great duke of the Abyss also known as ‘the weeping demon of the drowned’ was slowly gliding beside the boat he had contemplated drowning for the past hour just to cheer himself up. He was so depressed a demon that he could make any being around him feel really sad or even break down in tears by simply being around him, his constant look of anguish, weeping and inability to utter a coherent word made it almost impossible to know the reason behind his sadness. Focalor had once been an Angel of the order of thrones at the Zenith and even when he fell with Mephis, he had nursed the hopes of going back to the Zenith someday; he was once even tricked into wrecking havoc on ships and men for 1500 years for a reward of a probable return to the Zenith by Mephis… he played his role but remained a roaming demon. Recently he lost the urge to cause water disasters, drown ships and humans too and would just glide oceans beside ships as he constantly told himself that he could renew his hatred for man once again, but he had no inner will to; his depression kept getting worse.

The Empress Ino at that moment had 118 people on board and every one of them heard the sudden thunderclaps, the unexpected sounds of wild wind blowing, the sounds that the heavy rain drops made as they hit the ocean and a distant sound of rushing waters that seemed to get more distinct by the second. The imminent storm was not predicted or expected so it caused a sudden panic-filled frenzy within the yacht; everyone went to the nearest window to catch a glimpse of what the rain was already doing to the waters. The calm water and clear atmosphere that they all saw came as a huge shock to everyone who had a look because the sounds hadn’t stopped; a mystery that no one on the boat could fathom. Focalor was one of the few beings in the universe that had the ability to invoke these water illusions and usually used that ability when he wanted to drown a ship but on this particular occasion, he wasn’t behind the illusions and the sound of rushing waters that kept getting closer. “There is only one other demon that can perform the ‘storm illusion, Focalor thought, but that wasn’t the same demon that came with the sound of rushing waters which had become very evident to Focalor and the occupants of The Empress Ino. The demon who could make those illusions was Crocell, the demon that appeared as an angel and the one who came with the sound of rushing waters was Nicor, old time friend of Focalor whom he had not seen or spoken to in a couple of decades.

Focalor looked up at the huge body of water that took the form of a 300 feet high human head as it slowly rose from the ocean about 800 kilometers away from him with the deafening sounds of rushing waters, he was well aware of the fact that Nicor had possessed the waters and morphed into the shape he presently saw; an ability that was unique to Nicor. Hovering around Nicor, with the appearance of an innocuous angel with wings, was a grand duke of the Abyss, Crocell; he seemed to mutter gibberish as he stared down at Focalor. Focalor remained silent as both demons approached him slowly without saying a word to him; this was his good friend alongside a being that was also his acquaintance. It was evident they were here because of him, what he didn’t know was if they came in peace or war.




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  1. So as if Rachael’s suspense wasn’t enough,Uncle Santos has now added focalor’s suspense….if u like don’t bring the next chapter early….it is ur computer I will hack (˘̯˘ )ʃ

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