From the bed in his suite on The Empress Ino, Dmitri Malenkov had a clear view of the yacht’s surroundings but with the sounds outside and no visible change in the atmosphere, the young billionaire decided to walk closer to the window to get a good view. Twenty-three year old Dmitri had been given out by his parents as a seven year old to Oleg Malenkov, an old and wealthy merchant; sixteen years after Oleg died and willed his entire fortune to his servant boy. Dmitri was on the phone for about eight hours non-stop with many of Oleg’s friends and business partners daily, one of these men was Dai Katashi who convinced him to be on this cruise to discuss very delicate issues regarding Oleg’s business. Dmitri had seen so much in his young life but he had never seen a body of water as huge as the one he currently saw not so far away from the yacht, it had the form of a man’s head. With its unshaken gaze at the bottom of the yacht and series of voices that seemed to be arguing in a very complicated language, Dmitri silently said The Lord’s prayer to himself.

Focalor listened as Nicor calmly stated his mission, making it clear that Mephis really wanted him back at the Abyss and had sent him and Crocell to pick him up, in Nicor’s words 

“… And we’re here to pick you up.” He didn’t like the tone with which Nicor spoke, seemed more like a threat than a request. 

“And if I refuse to heed this call and choose to keep roaming?” he asked in his usual slow and barely coherent tone. Crocell replied in a mysterious way, mixing up words and using unrelated phrases to make sense. He had spoken for about a minute before Nicor interrupted 

“All Crocell is saying is your refusal to come with us wasn’t on the script so we really don’t have a backup plan for that and you know? Might be forced to use our discretion to achieve our goal” a smile played across the lips of the face of the body of water that Nicor possessed at the time as he spoke. Focalor interpreted these words as “With or without your consent, you’re leaving with us”.

Focalor knew he had been caught off-guard and had to think really fast, Nicor had never been a threat to him and had always been seen at the Abyss as a lower version of Focalor, he knew that Nicor really disliked that tag but did a good job in hiding that fact to the others as he always embraced the joke with loud laughter whenever it was aired. Focalor for decades had always seen the hunger in the eyes of Nicor to prove that he was a superior demon to him and deserved more respect than he got, it was with no surprise that Nicor’s actions at that moment, came to him. Nicor would sure fancy the idea of being the one who captured the hermit Focalor and brought him back to the Abyss but knowing him to be a proud, selfish and independent fellow, Focalor was surprised he brought Crocell along to share in his possible glory. This isn’t about Nicor and me, he thought, it was way more serious; Nicor would never come here with Crocell if he wanted to prove a point”. Focalor wasn’t going to go down without a fight, neither was he going to make it clear that he was going to put up a fight; he needed to think fast and accurately. 

Focalor let his being glide high up to just a few feet above the top of The Empress Ino and then, moved away from the boat, he seemed to be preparing himself for any attack from Nicor or Crocell and was clearly taking the lives of the humans in the yacht into consideration. 

“What do we have here?” Nicor started… “Has the human hating Focalor suddenly fallen in love with the creatures that he used to kill for fun? This is interesting, don’t you think?” 

The question was rhetorical; Focalor saw Nicor’s eyes light up with excitement as he turned to Crocell and gave a slow nod. 

“Okay Focalor, let us test your love for the swine… REACT!! !” 

The next series of actions followed within half of a second after Nicor’s sudden scream; Focalor saw Crocell send a large cuboid shaped flame with the circumference of about half a soccer pitch from his palms straight at the Empress Ino, he instantly raised a body of water high and wide enough to keep the flames from the yacht, the flames he saw on the masthead of the Empress Ino told Focalor he had been slow and had extra work to do, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to save the humans for long and had to devise an escape plan for himself. 

As Focalor kept his water shield up with one hand and killed the flames on the Empress Ino with the other, he listened to the activities deep down in the ocean underneath him seeking an escape route. He felt a school of needle dogfishes swimming around harmlessly, paying no attention to the activities above the water, there were two mosaic gulpers not too far from them and a larger school of sepia tenuipes much higher than the other fishes just about 200 meters below the Empress Ino; they were all useless to his cause. He increased his concentration level and felt about 300 Right whale dolphins travelling at top speed deep below sea level, what caught his senses was the fact he felt some spiritual force within them; they were clearly accompanied by spirit beings, he could feel them, he concentrated a bit more and felt the spiritual aura that could only come from mermaids… he had hope.

This could only mean that there was a portal leading to Merworld around and he had to get in there at all costs; Nicor may have had the ability to understand Crocell’s mysterious language but unlike Focalor, couldn’t relate with Mermaids and therefore couldn’t enter their realm. Mermaids did abduct male humans at sea and drag them down to Merworld from time to time but only spirit beings who could communicate with them could make it into that world. Focalor had to distract Nicor while he tried to establish communications with the passing mermaids 

“Is this your wise plan Nicor?” he started, “you’re going to use humans as your negotiation tool?” he smiled and calmly added “Idiot”

Focalor slowly dropped the water shield that had been protecting the yacht from Crocell’s flames and sent the body of water straight at Nicor with blinding speed just as the flames hit the Empress Ino; he turned to save the yacht and with the corner of his eyes saw Nicor easily absorb the tonnes of water that had been shot at him. 

“silly me” Focalor grunted to himself as he noticed the flames engulf the yacht but still not burn a bit of it, it had only been a mirage, how could he not have thought of that? Illusions were Crocell’s specialty. He silently completed his conversation with the mermaids few miles below him.

“Look who’s talking, the same genius who just tried to subdue a water demon with water? Your brilliance astounds me” Nicor slowly approached Focalor and the coastline. “Since you don’t care about the humans, I bet you don’t also mind me doing this”

Focalor saw the Empress Ino slowly rise almost to a thousand feet before it slowly turned upside down sending passengers crashing left right and center within the yacht, getting all sorts of injuries, even fatal ones. Nicor wasn’t done; he sent the boat crashing down into the waters, breaking the yacht into two distinct pieces even as the boat slowly sank. A few moments later, the mermaids gave Focalor the signal he had impatiently been waiting for, a heart shredding scream. Who would have thought something so terrifying would sound so beautiful, he thought.

“It was nice meeting you fellows again, honestly I would have loved to continue this charade but I have a mermaid to catch if you would excuse me of course… peace” and with that, Focalor shot into the waters. Nicor reacted with a scream 





33 responses to “CHAPTER 2, EPISODE 11

  1. Santos u don turn this thing to season film abi?… Great piece far so good… All the episodes have been short and engaging.. Keep it up bro

  2. i may hate you on twitter, but i just read this and i gotta say, you’re talented man, good work… cant wait for a new episode.

  3. santos oluwa dreamer, i am just going to look past the depth and well written nature of the this piece, i am also not going to pay any mind to the fact that you now have an aquatic subscription on nat geo wild.
    i will look past all that note worthy awesomeness and simply ask the question on my mind?!
    so what now happened to ray chee and focalor??? 😀

  4. WOW! such awesome work , i am a first time reader and i have to say; i am impressed, top notch writing, better than any Nigerian in recent years. i am going straight to episode one. so i get the drift completely. thabks for this work of art

  5. @ jeff, you’re right. Dmitri seems an interesting character. The fact he could hear the spirits talking seems to suggest we haven’t quite heard the last of him… But why are the episodes so short and released so far apart?

  6. Damn…so that’s how that 23 years old guy’s life just wasted -_-
    And Santos I want to see chapter 12 lastest,nextweek or else ( -_-)

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