azazelNot one of the 348 Right Whale Dolphins had seen any reason to worry about the three mermaids who had suddenly joined their cruise until about an hour later, when the mermaids seemed to have gotten a signal and had conducted a minor meeting for about a minute immediately after. The usual calm of the sea that had prompted the whale dolphins to go on this cruise was however interrupted by the turbulence that the Empress Ino caused as it crashed into the water, displacing some of its occupants through windows. Cordelia, Meredith, and Nerissa had gotten the signal from a demon they very well recognized; Focalor was one of the demons the mermaids had gotten really acquainted to over the recent millennium and his urgent call for help had to be heeded. Cordelia had immediately made telepathic contact with Nerin, the head of the Merworld portal, telling her to open the nearest portal for Focalor’s escape and also shut it once he was in. She and the other mermaids would be signaled once the portal was open and they would in turn, let out a scream that would be an alert signal for Focalor to make his move; they were aware Nicor and Crocell would give chase so time was going to be essential.
The mermaids stared in astonishment as the Empress Ino crashed into the waters and immediately began to sink, Nerissa paid particular attention to the young man who was making attempts to swim out of a window on the yacht.
‘He’s not going to make it” she silently said to herself.
Nerin’s signal shook Nerissa with the other mermaids out of her thoughts, they immediately let out sickening screams as they took positions to begin their quick escape to the portal which was located about four thousand feet below sea level. Focalor’s minor hesitation to tell Nicor and Crocell some last few words was all Nerissa needed to suddenly dart towards the yacht, she was going to save the man’s life; she pulled him out through the window, held him round his chest from behind, making a bubble around them so he wouldn’t inhale more water and then, swam back at lightning speed to the others just as Focalor shot into the water. Great, he’s still breathing, she thought.
“Follow me!” Cordelia barked at Focalor as she swam down to the portal, moving at a speed that covered about hundred feet every second.
Crocell was just about two seconds behind the mermaids and Focalor, glowing brightly in the water as he chased them.
“Does your love for men have no bounds Nerissa?” Cordelia asked with a half a shout.
“Don’t be hypocrite sister, my heart favored him at first sight, you know how it is” she said as she casted a quick glance at and patted the hair of her trophy; the now unconscious Dmitri Malenkov.
Meredith led the pack by about two hundred feet, she was the weirdest mermaid Focalor had ever met, she had never spoken a word to him and even though other mermaids said she was a social one, he never saw her as that; she wasn’t that way to him.
“He’s too fast, we can’t make it” Nerissa screamed, the weight of Dmitri meant that she was the closest to Crocell as she couldn’t be as fast as the others.
“Don’t look back, just swim! Don’t look back!” Focalor barked out orders that sounded like he was groaning, in reply.
Crocell was a hair’s breadth away from Nerissa as the portal was now in sight to Meredith and Focalor, who were the fastest of the group. Focalor disregarded his own advice to have a quick look at the others behind him and noticed that Crocell had overtaken Nerissa and the man she was holding; he was the target and at the present pace Crocell moved, he was hopeless. He turned to catch Meredith staring at him with a look in her eyes telling him she had also made the same calculations he just made, she was such a smart mermaid and he hoped one day he would hear her speak.
“Focalor be quick! It’s you he wants, go!” the tears Nerissa was holding back made her speech sound a bit like she was choked but Focalor got every word of it. The portal was in sight but he wasn’t sure it would be closed before Crocell made his way in and the last thing he wanted was to be the reason that the Merworld security would be breached; few meters ahead of him, Meredith came to a sudden halt and faced Focalor with a bright smile on her face but her eyes showing so much fear.
“All I want you to do is be safe, that’s all… this is for you” it was the most beautiful voice he had ever heard, coupled with the bright smile with which she had spoken before she suddenly darted at Crocell. “Keep going” she yelled behind her “Don’t wait for me”
“Meredith, don’t!” Focalor bellowed
“You’re not thinking of what you’re doing Meri” Nerissa said amidst tears
“Get to the portal! Keep moving!” Cordelia called everyone to order, knowing she probably would never see a friend she had had for millenniums again hurt her but this was no time for emotions; the portal to Merworld was open and vulnerable and Meredith was only being a patriotic mermaid.
Meredith had used every ounce of strength to push Crocell as far away from the others as possible but that bought her only about three seconds and she was now being pushed back down at the portal at breakneck speed by the now angry Crocell, he had one of his fists tightly gripping the back of her neck and the other, firmly holding her tail; he was preparing for impact and she was going to be his cushion. With about two seconds left to get to the portal, she saw as Focalor make his way through the open portal, turning his head at the last moment to catch one final glimpse of her, Cordelia followed suit without looking back as the already bawling Nerissa made it through with her human. With a second left to impact, Meredith stared at the ridged rocky seabed that had instantly replaced the portal and was going to break her fall with Crocell’s weight behind her at high speed; she felt fear.
“God please” Meredith’s words just before impact.
The 9.03 magnitude undersea megathrust earthquake that hit the coast of Japan that day, triggering a tsunami that reached heights of about 150 feet, travelling almost 6 miles inland and shifting the Japanese island of Honshu by about 8 feet was as a result of Crocell’s crash on the seabed. It would lead to over 15,000 deaths, 6000 injuries, over 2700 missing people, about 129,000 collapsed buildings and other major infrastructural damage.
This was the emergency news that Rachel had interrupted her show for.



39 responses to “CHAPTER 2, EPISODE 12

  1. Santos u are wicked o… Why did u kill that mermaid nah…+ pls I need to visit merworld too for my own mermaid -___-…. Nice work bro..its all starting to connect

  2. poor meredith :(!!! Crocell is jes a dick! Uncle santos, how are u going to link all ds to dat village, d baby dey took nd all d women dat died, plus dt beggar at ajao o… Am patiently waiting! , nice piece, even Quentin Tarantino doesn’t av ds kinda ideas o

  3. Well, oh well, this plot has way too many twists that raise a lot of questions, answers to which will make subsequent episodes twice as interesting as what we have been treated to so far. I think you should be tired of getting “well done” “good job” and the rest of that. Nevertheless, thumbs up! This is going to go very far.

  4. Poor meredith,yea its true what happened to ray chee’s shoes,is there a reason dmitri is safe? Quite brillant …the spirits caused tsunami …then the news …the linkage to ajao. I’m just stunned tbh,props to you …then the suspence is there usual …

  5. Oboy u wont suckseed in confusing me mahn! I still wanna know wat happened to the that little baby in the hospital when all the women died, then the news that made martha’s bro turn off his playstation.. And the girl that poured somethin on ray_chee’s shoe.. Mahn too many questions from me.. Need answers mahn.

  6. I can’t lie, I don’t give two shits about the mermaid just didn’t want crocell to get his nasty paws on forcalor. cause the demon sounds like a nasty piece of work (half bill O’Reilly and half Donald Trump and a little sprinkling of Robert Mugabe) and since his good with illusions just imagine the sort of sick mind games he is capable of creating

  7. Why Santos so mean? I don’t care about how many people the Tsunami killed, why kill an innocent mermaid? Meredith better not be dead ooooo! Lmao! Nice one son! Action packed again!

  8. RIP dear Meredith, I wish I could learn mermish tho. Focalor should av blasted that crocell, he seems a superior creature *adjusts wand*. Nice write up santos.

  9. nice piece, now I’m totally hooked, when I got to the end of the episode the only song that came to my mind was blame it on the alcohol by Jamie foxx and t pain but I substituted alcohol with crocell and the ish sounds mighty fine in my head at least.

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