That day, Pelumi went back to Iseyin to look for the bread crumbs he dropped, it wasn’t there. He was heartbroken, who could have eaten my bread, he thought. Staring down at the dead body of the lizard the dog had crushed, he walked away slowly, the breadcrumbs were important to his cause. 

Behind Pelumi, Azazel, was on his way back to the gathering with the baby and stopped to say hello

“Hey Pelumi” Azazel asked

“The great Azazel” Pelumi replied 

“What could be the problem human?” Azazel was polite as usual

“I put bread here and I can’t find it ” Pelumi said 

“That’s sad man, I need to deliver this baby to Paimon, I’d be back, I no fit run again my brother. That silly Santos will just write what he feels like and make me run like a maniac, why can’t he come inside the story and see what we the characters go through” Azazel seemed depressed

“Forget that guy, all he knows is Taekwondo, Man U, Soulhood and anti-religious talk, he doesn’t care about us, imagine that stupid boy made the dog die” Pelumi seemed pissed

“My brother, from what I heard, many characters will die o, I pity the readers, I hope the idiot doesn’t make me die sha, I want to go far in the story, maybe kiss a girl self” Azazel smiled as he spoke….

WHY ARE YOU STILL READING? This is clearly an APRIL FOOL joke, so errr… APRIL FOOL you are, now fool some others by spreading this link and acting like nothing happened, okay? ( ˘̶̀ ̯˘̶́ ) 

Thanks for reading Soulhood, I’m grateful, the site will be out soon

To be continued… ( ._.)


14 responses to “CHAPTER 3, EPISODE 13

  1. Santi- I don’t know what to say to you- doffing my hat aint enough- I comot shirt for you….. You are obviously a fan of percy jackson series.

  2. just read an April fools day joke on April 10th and I have to say I was really really shocked when Azazel acknowledged pelumi like they were old friends. Santos ur a fool for this one. cow

  3. LOOOOOOOL……..Nah, I’m angry! Santos you’re a Cow!!! I just cant be fooled like this, someone else will go tru this before i rest.

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